ABC’s Of Online Marketing For Musicians

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Artist Corner

We’re taking things back to the basics with our ABC’s of online marketing for musicians.

Analytics are important. There are many great services our there like Next Big Sound that track  your online growth over multiple social media and music discovery platforms.

Brand Building- Use social media to reinforce your unique brand through your avatar, Twitter background, Facebook cover photo, and overall content strategy.

Consistent Content- Social media moves at a very fast pace, it’s important that you’re posting at least once a day to remain visible.

Define your goals. A clear definition of what you would like to accomplish will help you with your social media strategy.

Engage- The more you engage your fans, the more likely you are to show up in their crowded news and twitter feeds. Ask questions and encourage interaction.

Feedback- Ask for it! Again, it’s all about engaging your fans and being SOCIAL.

Grateful- Be sure to thank your fans for sharing your video, radio stations for playing your song, or blogs for featuring your album.

Humor- Never underestimate the power of humor. People like to laugh.

Images are the most shared type of content on Facebook. Photos of  you, your band, your guitar, the venue your playing at, scenery, your lunch, your dog, your shoes, anything; fans will love it.

Judgement- Use your best judgement when you’re unsure to post certain things. If you dont think you should, you probably shouldn’t.

Knowledge- The more you have about your fans, the industry, and your genre…the better.

Less Is More- Shorter posts tend to be more popular than longer posts. Keep things short and sweet.

Marketing- Social media has become a powerful marketing tool and obviously, it’s a great way to promote your music. Just make sure you have a healthy balance of marketing-type posts versus fun/more personal.

Normal can get boring. Do something different every once in a while!

Original- Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and do something completely different. It could be the start of the next big thing.

Personality- Show it! You’ve gotten the attention of your fans from your music, now it’s time to keep them interested in YOU.

Questions…Ask them! It’s all about engagement.

Respond- Try your best to respond to all of the comments and tweets from fans. This simple gesture can go a long way.

Share Requests- Posts that include a “share” call-t0-action receive 4x the engagement rate than those who do not.

Timing is everything, and there is a science when it comes to the “best time” to post on Facebook and Twitter. For instance, Tuesday’s have been shown to be the best day for launching a Social Media Campaign. This will vary from artist to artist, which is why it is important to review at your analytics and take note of when your most popular content was posted.

Unique- You’re unique. Let social media be your channel to show this.

Variety- Mix up what kind of content you post daily. Too much of the same thing and fans will start to drown you out.

Work- Consider social media to be part of your job. You have to work at it in order to be successful.

Xtra Mile  (A bit of a stretch, we know)- Go the extra mile! Do Twitter searches of your name to see if there is anyone else talking about you who isn’t following you. A response or retweet when they aren’t expecting it could make a huge difference.

Yay(!)- Be excited! Social media is fun!

Zero in on what your fans are responding to.

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