Creating a One Sheet

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Artist Corner

By , Guide

A one sheet is a sales sheet that gives information about a new release that may be helpful for labels and distributors in selling the album. It may contain information about the band and the band’s past achievements, information about the recording of the album, the style of the music, the track listing and any other unique characteristics that make it stand out. The one sheet also gives the release date of the album, the catalogue number, and when being used by a distributor, the list price. The name “one sheet” comes from the fact that most of these sheets are one page in length – and it is best to limit yourself to this length if you are writing one. You can include a separate band bio or press release to convey information that doesn’t fit on your one sheet.

One sheets are very similar to album press releasesused to generate media attention for a new releases, and in some cases, they can essentially be the same document. Keep in mind, however, that one sheets are designed to sell an album – a distributor will use a one sheet to convince the buyers from record stores to stock an album in their shop. For this reason, one sheets have to place a premium on functionality and cover the basics like price, label, catalogue number and release date at the expense of, say, a good story about the recording of the album that may be more at home in a press release. You can find out more about press releases here:

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