Online Music Tool Breakdown: Reverbnation

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Artist Corner

As a musician, you’ve got a lot on your plate – a busy rehearsal schedule, gigs at the weekends, a job, a partner, kids, eating, and – of course – eating some more. Trying to squeeze in promoting your band can be a real mission, especially if you’re trying to maintain several different social media sites.

One online platform aims to solve all these problems – Reverbnation groups all your social media sites on to one profile, so you can update them all together. But Reverbnation also has a host of other great features for independent musicians – including street teams, press kits, FanReach mailing lists, and exclusive content.

What does Reverbnation do?

Reverbnation is like another social media website for musicians, where you can set up a profile, upload music, pictures and video, and interact with fans.

I said like another social media website, because unlike other sites, your Reverbnation page can update ALL your social media pages – your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other pages – from the one location. This should save you a shitload of time.

And with your new-found abundance of available time, you could take advantage of Reverbnation’s many free music tools. You can even digitally distribute your music from Reverbnation (for a fee) and earn money through Reverbnation’s Fair Share program.

You should use it if …

You’re a musician struggling to manage the social media sites you’ve got, and you’d like a centralized location for your online promotion efforts. Reverbnation is great if you’d like to try things like Street Teams, mailing lists, digital distribution, mobile apps and press kits, but you want tools at hand that are simple to use and tailored to the specific needs of music promotion.

How to Use Reverbnation

Sign Up for a Reverbnation Account HERE. It’s a simple and painless process. Be sure to choose a username that represents your band and tick “artist” as the type of profile you’d like.

Add a great band bio to your profile page. (Learn more about writing a killer band bio.)

Upload your videos, pictures, and audio. Add any upcoming gigs.

Add your social media sites to your profile page and check out your newstats page. Now you’re ready to share your Reverbnation page with all your fans.

Extra for Experts

Once you’ve got a basic Reverbnation profile sorted, you can utilize some of the advanced promotional features of your profile.

  • Create a Street Team: Every profile has the ability to create a street team and send them on a “mission” (usually involving them spreading the word about your music online). Fans compete against each other for prizes.
  • FanReach: this mailing list system has been built specifically for the music industry. There’s a free version with a few essential features and a pro version with advanced functionality.
  • Exclusive Content: Your hardcore fans can sign up to receive access to exclusive songs, special content, videos or picture galleries.
  • Mobile App: You can create a simple, free downloadable Mobile App that allows fans to stream your music, view photos and video, show a calendar of your upcoming shows, and receive blog / Twitter updates.
  • Digital Distribution: If you want your music available for download on sites like iTunes, Amazon, Last.FM and Rhapsody, the Reverbnation team will take care of the submission process for you – for a small yearly fee (Many other sites offering the same service take a portion of your royalties).
  • Press Kits: a paid service (you choose the level you want) where you can create a press page and email this to magazines / blogs or venues where you want to gig.

Reverbnation has more widgets and pro widgets available to customize your page even further, as well as a blog packed with useful advice. They’re fast becoming one of the most popular platforms for musicians online, and with such an array of useful tools and features, I can see why.



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