Perfect Example of a Email Blast that Tells a Story and Connects with Fans

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Artist Corner


Last year I wrote about how Ali Handal sent out a great email blast that connected at a personal level. Well she did it again. Ali knows how to make a connection.

Last week she sent a emailannouncing a brand new song, free to download. That in itself was not unique or special. The subject matter of the song was… it was a song she wrote about holding her cat of 16 years as he died in her arms. By the way the email from last year… was about the passing of her cat.

In this new email she writes,

It’s been a little over a year since my kitty Indy passed away in my arms. I still miss him every day, but I do my best to keep the fond memories of his funny, slightly(!) obnoxious personality in the foreground of my memory.

One thing that really helps me get through hard times is songwriting, and the night that Indy died, I started writing a tender, loving lullaby to him.

Thanks to the sensitivity and expertise of my producer Seth Horan, “Last Lullaby” is now fully realized as a recording that embodies the feelings of motherly love, loss, tenderness, longing and acceptance I struggled with that night.

In the spirit of sharing this song with as many people as possible, I’m making this recording available for free.

My hope is that this song is healing and cathartic for those who need it, and beautiful for those who don’t.  If the song touches you, please share it with your friends.  I would be honored.

She goes on to tell the story of her cat’s last night. Not in just one or two sentences, but in 12 paragraphs, including a couple photos. She wrote, “He took his last breaths in my arms around 6am that morning, and then I laid him on my bed to tearfully say my goodbyes.” Come on, how can you not want to download her song. She told a story that made a connection, that made me feel. That is what will cause your fans to act, to download, to share. Don’t be afraid to share something very personal. Make a connection on a personal level.

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