ATC Helps Artists Raise Money for the Causes They Care About

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Artist Corner

“What’s great about a liaison like Air Traffic Control is that they know what is needed in each area and we can be more effective with our philanthropy.”

-Patrick Hallahan, My Morning Jacket

ATC works with artists of any size and at any point in their tour/album cycle to help them raise funds for a cause, organization or issue area they care about through creative fundraising mechanisms including: ticket add-ons, inviting organizations to collect donations at shows, digital download fundraisers and more.



Ticket Add-Ons. Add a small surcharge to each ticket sold during a tour, or apply a surcharge to the price of pre-sale tickets offered to fan communities.

Digital Music Projects. Offer original content as a download and have the proceeds benefit charities.  Learn more about how to raise money when not on tour here.

Reach Out To ATC. There are countless ways that artist can raise money for the causes, organizations and issue areas they care about. ATC is here to help you find effective and easy philanthropic strategies that align with the business of making music and we are available to discuss, strategize, and advise on these ventures. For more information, please email Jamie Paratore at


The music community has always been a driving force in raising funds, directing fan donations and becoming involved in fundraising efforts for a range of issues, causes, relief efforts and benefits. ATC partners with artists and managers to make it easier to engage in philanthropy and social change work. ATC can build capacity by managing and streamlining the important details and mechanics of these philanthropic activities thereby allowing musicians to focus on the critical creative and marketing aspects of a project.

Over the last 6 years ATC has helped the incredible artists in our network to raise and direct over $1.4 million dollars. Some examples of those projects include:

  • Björk + the Dirty Projectors’ Mount Wittenberg, has donated over $30,000 to the National Geographic’sOceans Initiative.

  • ATC helped artists including Nicole Atkins, MGMT, Mickey Hart, Erin McKeown and more raise over $12,000 in Hurricane Sandy relief funds.

  • ATC has been working with My Morning Jacket on a range of philanthropic efforts over the years. Jim James and Patrick Hallahan both participated in our New Orleans artist activism retreats and, along with their band, have gone on to do incredible philanthropy and activism work that is making a real impact for the issues they care about. More here:

To see more great examples about how the artists in our network have raised money for the causes they care about through ATC’s Philanthropy Program, click here and explore our music & metrics filled board. The board highlights the incredible impact artists’ philanthropy can have and shows the range of projects that ATC can help with.

We are also excited to share our new Philanthropy page with you. This is the go-to spot to find innovative and effective strategies and best practices on how artists can raise money for the issues they care about.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 5.30.33 PM

For more information about philanthropy and effective strategies for raising money for the causes you care about, feel free to contact us at


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