How to Make Money with Small Niche Websites

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Artist Corner

by Shea Harris

A great way to make money online these days is by creating niche websites. It can be very difficult to compete with the ‘big boys’ of the internet such as Amazon or Google that deal in some of the most popular content subjects. You can do it, but it will take a lot of time, effort, and money. In the end you may not succeed the way you’d hoped. That is why creating niche websites is a popular and effective way to make money.

Creating a normal niche website will take time to develop and possibly a significant investment just as a site about a widely popular subject would. That is why I suggest creating a number of very small niche websites. By small, I mean websites with about five pages that provide basic information on a subject. It is a great way to make money without a lot of time or effort and a very small investment. And best of all once everything is set up the sites will require virtually no upkeep. Just move onto creating the next site once the previous one is up and running.

What makes a small niche website an effective way to make money is that you will get traffic from people who are looking for exactly what your site is about. You may have fewer people overall that visit your site than a large site that covers a large number of subjects, but the people that do visit your site will be looking for exactly what is on your site. This means high conversion rates and more money in your pocket.

It shouldn’t take too long to do all of your research and get a small niche website up and running. If you can put up one small niche website per week, which is very possible, in a year you could have 52 sites up that will make money for you. One site may not make a lot by itself, and some will do better than others. But if you do your research and follow the steps you should be able to average $50-$100 per month for each site. What does that mean? It means that if you have 52 small niche websites up at an average of $50 per site you’d be making over $31,000 per year with your sites. If your sites could average $100 each, which is only a little over $3/day per site, you’d be making over $62,000 per year just by creating small niche websites!

Fifty-two websites may sound like a lot to keep track of, but remember the point here is to create sites that need virtually no maintenance. You create and optimize them for search engines at the beginning and that’s it.

As long as you follow the steps that I will explain in detail, it won’t be difficult to make some great money with small niche websites.

1. Find Your Niche

The first step in making money by creating a small niche website is of course finding a niche. There is seemingly an unlimited amount of niches on the internet and it shouldn’t take you long to find some good ones to get you started. As long as you follow the steps and do your research you should be able to make money.

There are several ways to find a good niche to to make money with a small niche website. The first thing I would recommend is to look for something new. You can look at news websites to look for the news of new products or services and jump on that niche before others do. It is just easier to create a small niche website for a new product than something that has already been established for awhile. So you should look at breaking news, and decide which new products or services you think you can take advantage of.

Some good ideas for subjects for small niche websites that can make money are new video games, movies, TV shows, and music artists. Of course there are many others. Just about any product can be used to create a small niche website as long as there is going to be decent interest in it.

For this article let’s use a video game as an example to create a small niche website. Let’s pretend a new game was announced for the Xbox 360 called Crazy Limo. You check for some good domain names for it. You want something that has the keywords you need and the best you find is It’s pretty good, but not great. You always want the .com version of a domain if you can find it. After that .net and .org are adequate. The only other domain extension to even consider is Those extentions will work great for a small niche website. Anything else isn’t worth it.

A great thing about snatching up domains like this for new products is that most likely there is going to be at least a small amount of demand for it and not a lot of competition. And that is good for you. And you can easily register a domain name for under $10 so there is really no risk involved.

Remember that if you create a small niche website for an already existing product, you will want to do some keyword research before you invest in a domain name to make sure it will be a profitable niche for you

That is it for part one of ‘How to Make Money with Small Niche Websites.’ In part two you will learn how to go about your research to find the right niche to monetize.

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