10 Music Blogs You Should Be Reading

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Artist Corner
Here are 10 music blogs we think you should be reading in order to filter out the noise and get right to the important information. We’d recommend you spend at least an hour a day in between your every day tasks checking out these sites, scanning the headlines for interesting information.
Hypebot posts daily content for indie musicians and record labels. Their posts are often long but well worth reading, also check out the comments on their posts as these are nearly always interesting. 
Not necessarily a blog but it has everything you need to know about digitalised music. You’ll struggle to find sites that break news faster than these guys.
A blog for musicians written by musicians. Generally if you’ve thought about it they’ve written about it, a great musicians to musician site.
We aim to post helpful tips and advice for musicians to enable them to create sustainable careers, focussing on music marketing and technology. You can subscribe to our blog by clicking here.
Mostly unrelated to music but when it comes to marketing and thinking ‘outside the box’ Seth is a good read, just be sure to interpret his posts so that they are music relevant. 
An entire community of music bloggers giving away their information and experiences. Managed by Hypebot, MTT will push the most popular and interesting blogs to their front page for you.
Advice for new and emerging artists with simple clear and informative posts. Usually monthly posts and all well worth a read.
A mixture of videos and text, Bob Baker writes advice based on music marketing and self promotion for indie artists and bands. 
Passive Promotion focusses on “Set It and Forget it” music promotion, as well as posts on music production mastering and mixing as written by a mastering engineer and recording artist.
In their own words Make It In Music are “dedicated to helping musicians make it in their own terms.” Covering everything from promotion to interview techniques.
There are other great blogs out there so if these don’t fit for you then have a look around they’re easy to find. We’d also recommend following these blogs on Twitter, so you not only have their headlines amongst your feed but also see what accounts and websites they interact with. 

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