How to Get Your Very Own Video to Air on “106 and Park”

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Artist Corner


    • 1

      Download BET’s “Ya Heard?” submission form for unsigned artists.

    • 2

      Fill out the submission form and mail it along with a DVD copy of your music video to the address indicated on the last page of the form.

      Alternatively, you can create an account and submit your application through the “Ya Heard?” website. Fill out the form electronically, upload your Quicktime video file and submit them online.

      If the video is accepted by BET, you will be entered into a database with other unsigned artists for a chance for a record deal, or a shout-out on BET. Record deals and shout-outs are up to the discretion and timeline of BET Networks.

    • 3

      Use social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to build a fan base for your music video.

    • 4

      Direct fans and viewers to the “Ya Heard?” website to search for and view your video so that BET is able to see the Web traffic to your submission.

    • 5

      Record a personal “106 & Park Takeover” video, a 10-second video clip that explains why your video should be aired on the program.

    • 6

      Visit the “106 & Park Takeover” webpage to upload your personal video appeal to have your video aired on the television show.

    • 7

      Encourage fans and dedicated listeners to visit the “106 & Park Takeover” webpage and to submit their own 10-second clips requesting your music video. This video is similar to a personal takeover request, but it is from your fans on your behalf. If enough viewers submit 10-second request videos, you could have your very own video aired on “106 & Park.”


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