Music Biz Blogs: Gateway To 75 Top Music Industry Bloggers

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Artist Corner

I recently updated Music Biz Blogs and it now includes headlines from 75 music industry bloggers who are all worth a look. It’s a simple site combining a headline feed, a Google Custom Search Engine allowing you to search the included blogs and a link list of all the blogs. It’s a great way to keep up with a wide range of sources many of them focused on news for indie musicians and DIY’ers.

Music Biz Blogs launched years ago. After quite a bit of neglect, I revived the site when I began writing at Hypebot and last week I updated it so that it now includes 75 bloggers.

The core of this simple one page site is a feed featuring headlines from all included sites with a sentence or two from each post. You can check the site for updates or you can receive a daily newsletter or use the RSS feed.

The feed itself is created using Feed Informer. The included sites can be searched using a Google Custom Search Engine created through Google AdSense.

Music Biz Blogs’ sidebar includes links to all the blogs, a Flickr badge posting a few recent pics tagged “musicbusiness” and a Twitter widget featuring tweets from a short list of Music Biz Linkmasters.

I pulled or excluded specific blogs for the following reasons:

  • inactive
  • content jackers
  • too many non-business posts
  • too much company news
  • excessively poor behavior

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