ome of the “red flags” that you are dealing with a fly-by-night manager are:

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Artist Corner
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Published: Oct/Nov 2009 – Vol.1, Iss.1 of IAE
Copyright © 2009, N’Fluential Publishing. All Rights

While these are only a few of the vast list of red flags when dealing with a fly-by-
night manager, this should give you a good idea of what to look for before signing
with a manager.

Most newbie managers run boutique/small operations and tend to only manage a
small number of clients (1-10 people). Sometimes this type of manager, if well
connected or willing to establish connections, are the best ones for up-and-coming
talent because they work very hard and you can grow with them. Some of the Pros
and Cons when it comes to a newbie manager are as follows:

(1) Communicate well with those he/she manages, and is extremely passionate
about seeing the talent they manage reach a great level of success.
(2) Displays the ability to establish solid relationships with agents, record execs,
film execs, etc.
(3) Always has clients’ best interests at heart, and is willing to go to bat for their
clients in all reasonable situations.
(4) Works with the talent he/she manages to establish clear and realistic goals, as
well as a plan to meet those goals in a timely manner.
(5) Works well as a liaison between their client and the clients’ agents, publicist,
business manager, lawyers, to make sure the talent is successful.
(6) Always seeking work opportunities and creative ways to advance their clients’
(7) Gives clear and concise counsel in personal and business decisions, to help
the talent avoid possible pitfalls in their career.
(8) Has a great deal of knowledge about the business and is always open to
learning new things about the business for the betterment of those he/she
(9) Wont’ be afraid to offer potential clients a 30 or 45 Day Trial Management
(10) Displays best management practices by working under a code of ethics that
are in line with the Talent Managers Association, even if they are not a member.

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