3 Ways To Increase Your Chart Rank on ReverbNation

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Artist Corner
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In case you didn’t know, ReverbNation is the leading platform for online music marketing among artists, managers, venues, and labels. Each day over 1.5 million people use their services to 1) build their fan base, 2) study fan behavior, 3) book shows, and 4) distribute their music.
ReverbNation also provides much more than that.
One of my favorite features is the ability to view charts by location and genre as well as what’s popular globally and on the national level.

It has proven an important tool for helping us network with bands, venues, and labels while sharing our music with a large audience of music lovers and potential fans.
We have found many bands featured on this site scouring the local charts to ensure we are representing as much of Middle Tennessee Music as we possibly can.
If you are an artist or band using the service to market your music, use our 3 tips below to help move yourself up the charts and drive more traffic to your songs.
Increasing your Chart Rank is an effective way to gain more visibility, expand your network, and get more people listening to and sharing your music.
Leave comments on others’ profiles after listening to their music

Take 30 minutes or less each day to find and listen to other bands.
Leave a comment on their profile telling them what you think. If you like what you hear and think people in your network would enjoy it, click the share buttons and pass them around.
Make sure you let them know you shared their music.
In my experience the awesome people will visit your profile and share your music with their fans.
Interacting with others, sharing music, and leaving comments are great ways to increase your Band Equity which in turn increases your Chart Rank.
Strategically place Widgets on your Website and Social Media sites

Below is the Video Widget Reverb provides.

Widgets are easy to use if you know how to copy and paste a chunk of HTML code into your website or social media profiles.
If not, it’s easy to figure out.
The thing you do NOT want to do is place too many widgets across the web.
Reverb’s analytics are very smart and if you have 100 widgets scattered across many sites but are receiving no plays, no new fans, or no e-mail list signups your Equity and Rank will begin dropping…drastically.
If you create an account but never do anything with it, your stats will be flat-lining at 0.
Maintain your presence on Myspace and Facebook

If you are taking full advantage of Social Media, you have probably figured out you need to have a presence on all the major social networks (Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, Facebook). It is also important to have a presence on smaller sites as well as actively trying to get your music featured by music bloggers.
ReverbNation allows you to connect your Facebook Page and Myspace profile with your RN account.
When computing your Band Equity and Chart Ranking, Reverb’s algorithms include your Facebook Likes and Myspace Fans.
With that said, it is important you spend at least 30 minutes a few times each week building your networks on those sites as well.
Obviously the more time you spend engaging with your Social Media presence, the better results you will see.
As a side note, there is an excellent Facebook App that provides a beautiful landing page.
Bonus Tips

You also need to keep in mind that Labels, Venues, and Management companies are creating profiles on ReverbNation as part of their Social Media marketing strategies.
This is important because it gives you direct access to Venues and other Music Industry contacts.
Imagine booking a small tour within 200 miles of your hometown without having to leave your bedroom or office.
It’s amazing what you can do with some contact information, a few e-mails, and a couple of phone calls.
Before closing this article, I want to mention that Reverb also offers excellent e-mail management, website building, and digital distribution services for very affordable prices. You can even create your own store which includes the ability to design and sell merchandise to your fans.
Consider ReverbNation your all encompassing control panel to building your Internet Presence, marketing your music, and building a successful and independent music career.
Until next time, may the force be with you.

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