The Advice the Marketing ‘Rock Stars’ Don’t Tell You & Why So Many Online Entrepreneurs Get it Wrong

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Artist Corner
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By Nick Laight

Earlier this summer Gareth and I met up at my writing retreat in Kent. We stocked up on wine, food and good music and set off on a brand new mission.

We asked ourselves: “What is it that stops most people making money from their online information business?”

In many cases, it’s not the hard work, the time… or having to master the latest online marketing techniques…

…It’s the lack of a core idea.

By ‘idea’ I mean a clearly defined topic that an established group of people are interested in, and that you find interesting yourself. Most importantly, it has to be something with the potential to make money further down the line.

Just because you’re online, it doesn’t mean the rules of business change

All successful businesses – even online enterprises – need a good idea at the heart of them. They need to offer a clear benefit for their customers, they need to be unique to you, and they must have commercial potential.

But too often people think that all you need is a set of marketing rules and suddenly your computer becomes a magical cash machine, printing off £50 notes whenever you feel like making money.

The harsh truth is, even the most well marketed blog won’t make you money if you don’t have those essential business ingredients.

There’s no use following the crowd into the latest ‘big thing’ just because that’s where the internet ‘rock stars’ and ‘ninjas’ say the money is. Chances are you’ll be competing with tens of thousands of others all following the same cookie-cutter approach. Why should a potential customer listen to you when there are a thousand clones out there doing the same thing? What makes you unique?

Besides, you’ll never stick at it if you don’t have a personal vested interest in the subject matter.

No wonder most people fail, or give up, before they make money. And no wonder that all the success stories we’ve seen involve people setting up businesses based on their interests and passions.

They pursue their dreams… not the fantasy of quick, easy profits

Here are some examples…

* Jacquie Lawson is a 62 year old grandmother from West Sussex… she bought her first home computer… six weeks later and she’d learned enough to create an electronic Christmas card… she set up her own website… it gathered 531,227 members paying a subscription of £4.50 per year. That tallies up to £2.4 million!

* In 2009 Mike Stelzner was a self-confessed ‘nobody’ when it came to internet marketing. But he wanted to share his experiences as he tried to get the hang of it. In 12 months he gathered 40,000 followers and his website eventually made over$1 million in profit.

* Kat Williams wasn’t particularly into weddings, or blogs for that matter. Then one day her husband proposed. She discovered to her dismay that there were no bridal websites offering interesting alternatives to the conventional wedding style. She put up a blog so she could share stories of unusual weddings. She now gets 500,000 website visitors every month andnets £80K per year from her home business.

* Ryan Lee lived for fitness and turned his passion onto a website in which he shared training tips. It was an internet hit and eventually became a six figure online membership site. He’s sold all kinds of fitness products, fat burning gadgets, manuals and courses and now runs his own multi-million dollar information publishing business.

None of these people had training, technical skills or special writing abilities. They simply hit upon a good idea that sprung out of their own experiences. Then they had the guts to seize the opportunity and see where it led them.

This is why Gareth and I decided to create this new video. We explain how you can find that online niche most suited to your interests and experiences – discover if it has moneymaking potential – and turn it into somethig remarkable.


  1. Richelle says:

    Good article. I absolutely appreciate this site. Stick with it!

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