How To Strategically Use Your “About Us” Page To Win More Customers

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Artist Corner
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How To Strategically Use Your “About Us” Page To Win More Customers


No doubt, the “About us” page is one of the most visited pages on any business website. And usually, it spells what step the reader will take next – whether to become your customer or bounce off to another website.

Because the content of your “About us” page can influence a reader’s decision, it’s important that you write it in such a way that fascinates readers and make them want to do business with you. Sadly, most websites falter in this aspect. Most “About us” pages only contain superlative words that over-describe their business. Pages written this way won’t convert readers because they fail to convince readers to do business with you.

Now, you’re about to discover some tips on how you can attract more customers with your website’s “About us” page.

But before that, you need to know something: never start with statements like,
“We are a world class company poised to deliver high quality services to our clients all over the globe…”

Truth is; potential customers aren’t interested in whatever superlatives you qualify your business with. They aren’t interested in what you do or how you’ve been doing. All they care about are the solutions and benefits they stand to get from your business.

So, using your “About us” page, how can you convince visitors that their search for a solution or benefit ends with you? How should you assemble words that will compel them to do business with you? Here are some tips that will guide you.

1. Start with customer’s needs

As stated earlier, customers don’t care about what you do or how you’ve been doing. They only care about themselves. So, start your “About us” age with your real business capabilities. Start with answers to the first questions potential customers are likely to ask.

Avoid statements like, “we provide high quality services that surpass client’s expectations”. Instead, use statements like, “for over 5 years, we’ve been providing 100% unique and engaging content that has helped our numerous clients all over the world grow their businesses”. Statements like this will most likely captivate readers and convert them to customers.

2. Present proven facts

Adding facts such as research findings and quotes of gurus – in your business line – will help convince readers to get on with your business. If you offer web design services for example, add statements like, “According to the Small Business Administration, 80% of small businesses have poorly designed websites…”

Statements like this make readers believe that your services are credible.

3. Be honest

Rather than describe your business with terms that are overblown, use terms that describe your business in its true form. If you run a small business, never shy away from the fact that your business is small. Instead, let the readers know what they’ll gain from the “smallness” of your business. This will build trust and convince more customers to deal with you.

4. Add pictures if necessary

Pictures give life to your content and help your readers visualize all you’ve stated in words. So, add them to your page.

But if you’re sure your page will be better off without pictures, leave them out rather than add unrelated pictures that will repel potential customers.

5.  List your certifications

Don’t just describe your abilities in words. Mention and give proof of any relevant certifications that you have obtained. This makes readers think that you’re an expert and are worth dealing with.

Does your “About us” page lack all or some of these? It’s time to act! Tweak your content, delete the empty superlatives, add more facts, add benefits that your business offers customers, add pictures and certifications, and your page will convert more than you ever imagined.

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