108 Life Tips From 18 of The World’s Wealthiest People

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Artist Corner
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Life is full of lessons and achievements, wonders and mistakes. Some of us are lucky enough to discover the answers to living a life with as much pleasure and the smallest amount of  pain as possible, and some of us are still learning the hard ropes to success.

Those who have achieved great things in their life have often left their noble words of guidance in history for all of us to learn from.

This great collection of life tips were sent to us by eBay Deals showcasing 108 memorable words of advice from some of the worlds most wealthiest people on how you can live successfully in all areas of your life.

Advice From The World’s Wealthiest


Worlds Wealthiest Advice - Elon MuskWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Henry FordWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Jeff BezosWorlds Wealthiest Advice - JK RowlingWorlds Wealthiest Advice - John RockefellerWorlds Wealthiest Advice - JP MorganWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Mark CubanWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Mark ZuckerbergWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Michael BloombergWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Michael DellWorlds Wealthiest Advice - OprahWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Sam WaltonWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Steve JobsWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Thomas EdisonWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Warren BuffettWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Andrew CarnegieWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Bill GatesWorlds Wealthiest Advice - Donald Trump

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