How To Rank on YouTube

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Artist Corner
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Ever wonder why some videos are viewed more and make it to the top of the search page over others? It is because those videos rank higher on YouTube. Driving traffic to websites through YouTube channels is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity. Ranking higher on YouTube will definitely create awareness and drive more traffic to your website whether you own a business or a blog. YouTube is the third most popular site on the internet and the second largest search engine! It has an incredibly large user base. Who would not want to tap into those markets? Follow these six tips to rank your video higher.


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1. Keyword Research

Just like with any SEO analysis, a video’s description should have relevant keywords so people will find your video significant and interesting. Utilize Youtube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool to get an approximation of global monthly traffic for certain keywords and get new keyword ideas. Keywords are important because it allows people to find the videos they are looking for. For example, by having Justin Bieber in the description of a video about how to cook salmon, the video might gain more views but would not drive traffic to the video creator’s website. This is because only people who are searching for how to cook salmon would find the video relevant and interesting. Below is an example of Youtube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool.


2. Meta Tags

A great way to reach the target audience is to include the keywords discovered through keyword research in the video’s meta tags. The example below displays the meta tags for a video that shows how to cook salmon. As you can see, the keywords are extremely relevant to the video content.

3. Title

The title of the video should be descriptive yet concise. Naming a video How to Cook Salmon lets people know exactly what the video is about.

4. Description

The description is important because it shows up when a person does a search. The most prominent information displayed on a Youtube search page are the titles and descriptions of videos. Descriptions should describe the contents of the videos using similar keywords as the title. Also, the description should always have a link with the website URL so viewers who find the video interesting can find corresponding information on the company website. The example below tells exactly what the video, How to Cook Salmon, is about and includes two links to the website for the viewers’ convenience.


5. Thumbnail Optimization

Thumbnails do not directly affect a video’s page rank. However, a good thumbnail will entice people to view the video and Youtube takes into account how many people viewed the video. The more people who view a video, the higher the video will rank. Be sure to choose a compelling thumbnail that accurately represents what the video content is about.

6. Incoming Blog Links

Just like with search engines, Youtube takes into account the number of blogs that have posted the video in its ranking formula. You should reach out to blogs that have similar content to your video. If your video is about how to cook salmon, then reach out to food bloggers and see if they find your video informative and beneficial. If they do, it is likely they will post your video. Having bloggers post your video serves an important purpose in two ways. The incoming links will boost the video ranking, and the additional traffic the bloggers send to the video will also boost the video ranking.

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