Scouting Artist For Radio

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Artist Corner, PR2Promo Offers
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Just 1 Radio Spin Can Change YOUR Life Too:

Imagine YOUR SONG is playing on the radio. And among the thousands, or millions listening – is at least 1 Music Icon or Industry Gatekeeper who will change your life forever.

That’s just what happened when Jack White (White Stripes, Raconteurs) was driving around Nashville with his radio blasting, and heard a song by Artist Pokey LaFarge. White was wowed. He called the station, got Pokey’s contact info, signed the band to his new record label, & then took them out on tour. 

Obviously getting heard by the right ears – and thousands of music fans – can catapult your career. But you know how expensive radio promotion campaigns are. And it’s tough to get significant airplay

For a limited time only we are offering all artist the opportunity to have their song on internet radio in the 48 hours. The best part is we will give you a 4 week campaign with minimum 150 spins per week for only $175. If you order before October 31st we will give you and additional 200 spins giving you a total of 800 spins for only $200. Call now for invoice 507 481 0139 


*All spins are programmed plays sends out a weekly DRT report and royalties are paid through Sound Exchange. 


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