How To Make Your Song Popular without beggin radio dj’s

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Artist Corner, Marketing Tips, Social Media Tips
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hello guys, i wish to share a bit of information on the methods i’ve used to promote music without radio.


Firstly, please, I beg you, make a good song. Whatever the genre is. It should be good. Else you’ll sweat for nothing. Be professional about your work.
If you cant write, get someone who can to write for you. If you cant produce, get a good producer. No mater how, make great music.


Some songs are popular on radio, with no street appeal. Others are popular on the streets with no radio appeal. Some artists achieve both for there songs.

I will focus on making it popular on the streets.
if u have street jams, then u can push it using these methods.


Meet a dj and make a mix cd with your song or songs at the beginning, middle and end. Make sure the cd is hot, with all the popular jams on it. Let the dj play the instrumental and mix the accapella on a popular instrumental.
Make the song noticeable on the cd, but don’t over do it.

When u have you custom mix, these are the places to distribute.

Share your city into areas. Locate the joints and restaurants in each area. Do not discriminate. Even very local ones can help.
Give dem the mix cd to play in their joint. They’ll even thank you.

Do this gradually if you don’t have the cash or time to distribute it all at once.
Also target motor parks and commercial bus drivers,
Cybercafés are also good. Just think of place where people gather and spend time.

The impact is this. Someone goes to one joint, hears the song, he goes the next, the same song. In his mind, that song must be in. once people start asking questions about it. Then the move is successful


Meet those guys that transfer stuff to phones, give them your cd. I don’t think they’ll charge you. If you can get them to give out your song to their customers free as bonus for purchase, then that’s great. People are not likely to pay for a song they don’t know. So push for that.
When people are able to have it for themselves, they’ll listen over and over again and give it to friends.

Make sure your song is online
put it on major music site
build a good relationship with bloggers
know how to use your social networks


The most effective none mass media way to push your song are those mix cd’s. You wont believe the reach they have.

A lot of people will tell you they can do it for you for a fee. Most cant! They just want money.
No matter who, you should be ready to pay some money. It’s a better investment than paying radio dj’s who will play it twice and ask for more money.

Ask someone who has done it how they did and who they went thru.
If you do this, before you know someone will be playing your song in sokoto.

Its an extremely effective form of promo.

I hope i said something you don’t already know. I will add more soon.

When you set out to promote your music, don’t try to cover too much ground at once.
You will be overwhelmed. Take it step by step. I will post more ideas on this soon

Altimately, radio, gives you great push and endorsement. if you have the budget for it. spend. but spend wisely.


i will write one on how to brand yourself as an artiste soon.

more info follow @iamblack70
Good luck.

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