Affiliate Marketing: How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Affiliate Offers

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Artist Corner, Marketing Tips, Social Media Tips
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Author: Charlie Solanor

Selling your own products online is by far the most profitable thing you can spend your time doing. But selling other people’s stuff for commission is the next best thing. For hundreds of Internet marketers, their first taste of selling online came through affiliate marketing.

It’s still quite astonishing to encounter stories of super affiliates who have earned $50,000 a month just by promoting other people’s stuff online. From teenagers to work-at-home moms, affiliate marketing has provided some people with an extremely lucrative means of making a decent living.

But affiliate marketing in itself is nothing without the one crucial factor that makes it really successful. Traffic — highly targeted traffic — is the essential ingredient that makes affiliate marketing a potentially profitable and worthwhile endeavor.

For many newbie Internet marketers, attracting suitable traffic is the greatest challenge. While you should always focus on creating high value and composing high-quality content, it is worth noting that some online marketers are able to earn decent affiliate commissions by referring customers to affiliate sites using content that, to put it kindly, is of less than average quality.

But of course, super affiliate marketers who provide customers with high-quality content gain not only customers’ respect, but also their trust and loyalty. And by winning the customers’ trust, these affiliate marketers get recurring commissions from loyal consumers’ repeat purchases.

What are the top ways that super affiliate marketers use to drive heavy traffic to their sites?

Article marketing

Creating valuable content is at the heart of nearly every successful Internet marketing endeavor. Submitting articles to article directories such as and is a key strategy used by many affiliate marketers. And it usually works like magic.

The key to driving traffic to your affiliate site is to write highly relevant and keyword-rich content. So before you compose a piece for article directories, you need to determine the best keyword that you want to optimize your content for, to achieve results for the affiliate product you’re promoting.

Check to see if an article directory allows for linking to affiliate sites first, though. Always keep in mind that you need to play by the article directory’s rules or you run the risk of getting banned.


Blogging, for some, is the pinnacle of Internet marketing, and many online marketing gurus say that every company should blog if it wants to engage with customers more effectively. Affiliate marketers certainly could benefit from the opportunities that blogging can produce.

Blogging enables you to update your customers about your latest promotions on a regular basis. With a blog you can create comprehensive product reviews or air your thoughts about various issues that relate to the products you are promoting.

You don’t have to promote every time you blog. You can provide value for your customers by occasionally blogging on how-to topics — or entertain them with funny videos and photos.

Social Media

Twitter, Digg, and LinkedIn are among the top traffic referrers. But there’s a relatively new kid on the block that you should be aware of: Pinterest is barely two years old, but it has already surpassed other social bookmarking sites to become one of the leading referrers of traffic, next to Twitter and Facebook.

The great thing about all the methods we’ve described above for promoting your affiliate products is that every one of them is free. With affiliate marketing, you won’t have to worry about skyrocketing overhead, in contrast to selling your own products online.


Affiliate marketing is clearly a potentially lucrative marketing strategy that offers new folks a taste of how online marketing operates.

We have a wide range of online marketing options available for you to help boost your affiliate marketing. To find out more about your options, contact us today.


  1. hey, i like the topic , i am a newbie myself and i want to overcome the newbie part as a result to that, i haved started to make this blog, mayby you would like to make a comment, and tell me either if it is a good idea or not. its still just en the starting face so be gentle.
    I am sorry for the gramma failure but i am just a danish that is trying to get succes.

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