How to Dominate Your Marketplace With the Ultimate Internet Marketing Program

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Artist Corner, Marketing Tips, Social Media Tips
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The Internet is the largest advertising platform in the world, surpassing all other media channels. If a business is going to successfully compete now and in the future, it is absolutely vital that they build a strong presence on the Internet, and that they start building their presence now before their competitors gain too big of a head start. Make no mistake, it is the businesses that dominate their niches on the Internet that will be the major players in their markets.

I am certain you understand that you need to build a strong Internet presence. The problem is, you don’t know where to start. That’s okay and you’re not alone. Most business owners don’t know where to start either. There is Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising, Yahoo advertising, Bing advertising, banner advertising, mobile advertising, Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, Groupon, email marketing, ezines, webinars, podcasts, blogging, retargeting, and search engine optimization. It is easy to understand why business owners are so lost at how they should be marketing their business on the Internet.

The good news is that you now have in front of you a simple yet very powerful Internet marketing program that discusses exactly what you should be doing to generate the most impact, particularly for attracting new leads and customers while building your brand.

1. You need a strong Value Proposition. The leading reason for poor/mediocre marketing and sales performance is a weak value proposition. Therefore, the absolute most powerful marketing tool any business can have is a strong and unique value proposition that is 20-words or less and explains in simple, easy to understand language, “If I’m your ideal prospect, why should I buy from YOUR COMPANY rather than any of your competitors?” And, “If I’m your ideal prospect, why should I buy YOUR PRODUCT rather than any of your competitors?”

2. You need a website that rocks!  You must have an attractive website that is optimized for converting visitors into leads as well as social media sharing. Without a quality website that looks professional and utilizes conversion tactics to convert visitors into leads and customers, nothing else you do on the Internet will matter.

If you have a website that has not been redesigned in 3 years or more, you need your website redesigned so it looks up-to-date and professional. We recommend having your site built using WordPress as it is easy to use, easy to maintain, and looks very professional.

3. You need your website setup correctly for search engine optimization. For your website to be found and ranked by Google, Yahoo, and Bing in their natural (FREE) search results, you need a website that has been built according to their Webmaster Best Practices. You also need to correctly use HTML Title Tags and Meta-Description Tags on every page of your website to provide each page with the best chance at receiving a high ranking by the search engines.

MAJOR WARNING: Whatever you do, do NOT hire a search engine optimization firm that will perform external link building to create backlinks pointing at your website. If they are posting links to your site using private link-building blog networks and using software to automatically create hundreds or even thousands of fake social media accounts to get links pointing at your website, it is a direct violation of Google’s Webmaster terms of service and it will get your website blacklisted and removed from the Google index. If you currently are paying a search engine optimization firm to perform link building, discontinue their services immediately before Google blacklists your website for link spamming.

4. You need Google Analytics Code installed on every page of your website. Google Analytics (GA) is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. It is the most widely used website statistics service. GA can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines and social networks, direct visits and referring sites. It also displays advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents.

5. You need to create 2-3 new and original blog posts to add to your blog each week. Blogging (also known as content marketing) is the most powerful and affordable Internet marketing tactic available. The act of blogging is writing 300-1000 word original articles about things happening at your business, news events in your industry, “how to” tips, and other topics that people in your niche market will find interesting. The value of writing blogs is threefold: First, it provides valuable content for your website visitors to read. This will build trust and relationships with the people who visit your site which leads to them becoming your customers. Second, your blog posts provide content for the search engines to index, which will help you with search engine optimization and getting free traffic to your website. Third, by having social media sharing buttons on your website, people who visit your website can click on the social media sharing buttons to share links to your blog posts with their friends and followers in their social media accounts. Then, those people can click on the links to come to your website to read your blog posts and learn about your company. Then, they can share your blog posts, and on and on. This is why blogging is such an amazing marketing tool.

However, for blogging to work, your blog articles must be original and well-written. Never copy other Internet articles and post them on your blog because Google HATES duplicate content. Only post 100% original blog posts that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet.

6. You need to be retargeting your website visitors. Retargeting is paid Internet advertising that targets users AFTER they leave your website and proceeds to show them your banner advertising at other websites they visit. The purpose of retargeting is to convert visitors who on their first visit to your website did not take action by contacting you as a lead, buying your product/service, or subscribing to your email newsletter. Retargeting follows that person to other websites they visit and shows them your banner advertising to interest them into coming back to your website and buying your product/service.

7. You should be doing Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Google AdWords allows businesses to bid on specific keywords that people search for on Google and Google’s partner websites (there are millions of Google partner websites).

As an example of Google AdWords advertising, if you go to and search for “mutual funds”, you will see 2-3 text ads at the top of the results page that have a light yellow background behind them and you will see several ads placed in the right hand column where it says “Sponsored Links”.  These ads are placed by Mutual Fund companies (or their advertising agencies) who are bidding on the search term “mutual funds”, so when a person searches for “mutual funds”, their text ad is displayed.  If you are a mutual fund company that wants to attract new investors, you would also want to bid on that search term and have your text ad displayed. The business that has the top position has paid the highest bid for the search term “mutual funds”, the business with their ad in the second position has paid the second highest bid amount for that search term, etc.

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform which means you ONLY pay when a person clicks on your text ad to go to your website. You are not charged for your ad being displayed, which is called an impression. You only pay when a person clicks on your text ad to go to your website.

The amount you bid per search term depends entirely on the amount of competition and financial value for that keyword search term, with competition being the number of businesses that are bidding on that search term.  For a very popular high value search term like “mutual funds” the mutual fund advertiser may be paying $5 – $25+ for a single click. On the other hand, if you sell very niche product or service, and you have little competition, you may pay as little as 20 cents per click. The more competition, the more you pay per click. The less competition, the less you pay per click.

Google AdWords is a brilliant advertising channel “IF” you know how to use it correctly. It is complicated to setup and Google makes it easy for you to spend a lot of money very quickly if you are not an expert at using their system. You also need to know how to select the best search terms to attract buyers to your product or services instead of attracting window shoppers or the entirely wrong audience altogether.

8. You should be doing Internet Banner Advertising to get your message in front of your target market. Internet banner advertising is the most affordable and scalable advertising and branding platform available, costing a fraction of what other advertising channels charge, such as TV, radio, outdoor advertising, direct mail, newspaper, and magazine advertising. Often you can purchase blocks of 1 MIllion banner ad impressions for under $500 using a real-time-bidding platform. Google Banner advertising is more expensive with 1 million impressions costing anywhere from $500 – $2500 depending on how many other advertisers you are competing against in your niche market.

9. You should be doing Social Media Marketing. There is a massive amount of confusion over how to use social media as a profitable marketing channel. In our experience the correct answer is to allow social media to promote your business for free through the promotion of your blog posts. When your website publishes quality and frequent blog posts (2-3 posts per week), your website traffic will promote your company and website for you for free by reading your blog posts and then clicking on the social media sharing buttons that are placed next to your blog posts. What will need to be done is for you to create four social media accounts for your business: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

10. You should be doing monthly A/B split testing.  A/B split testing is the most powerful marketing enhancement tool ever developed and it is the secret to our success in helping our clients achieve major increases in generating lead and sales.

A/B split testing is the science of comparing different marketing variables against one another to statistically prove which variables generate the most leads and sales conversions.

For example, with an A/B split test you can test 2 or more headlines (or sales points, or button types, or forms, or anything you want) at the same time by using Internet technology that will randomly send website traffic evenly to each page included in your A/B split test. Let’s say you run a test of 3 different headlines on 1,000 website visitors. Your results are that headline A page generated 2 leads, headline B generated 18 leads, and headline C page generated 7 leads.

Without performing A/B split testing, you would never know that your headline B would generate so many more leads than headlines A or C, or that headline C would generate more than 3X more leads than headline A. This is the power and beauty of A/B split testing!

The whole point of A/B split testing is to constantly test new ways to increase your website’s leads and sales conversions. Why settle for getting 1 lead or sale from every 100 visitors to your website when you can get 2, 3, 4 or more! This is how you steadily increase your website profits and become a dominant player in your industry. This is why it is so vitally important that you are always performing new split tests on your website. Each improvement in conversion puts more money in your pocket!

By implementing all of the above Internet marketing tactics and performing them month after month, you can be assured you are building a power Internet presence that will push you ahead of your competitors and allow you to dominate your niche market.

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