What is it to “like” a million dollars on Facebook? May be more than a million dollars―especially for those who have taken up right actions to build up their Facebook Fan Page strong.

Facebook Fan Pages absolutely free and available for even those who aren’t having an account on Facebook. That means you can really go far with conquering it. For that, you just have to be a little more active and engage in the right activities on your Fan Page. Let’s know how.

Sharing Content

There are a lot of things you may be actually doing for owning a ‘rising’ Fan Page. The first thing is sharing. Share things and you will know how it really matters.

To begin with, you can share links which automatically be seen for a fixed time on the walls of your fans. Don’t stop and make it a routine to share on your Fan Page interesting content, facts & links with your fans.

Pop the Question

Don’t be without a question. Raising query can get you closer to your fans. It works simple if you ask someone for something, the person feels catering to your approach. For example: What is the secret of your successful day?

This is one sure shot for getting easily listed with your fans.

Strike a Balance With Visuals

There is so much that you can say by placing good photos and say what you want to say. They are a big way to engage, attract and get back. If users like it, they are going to return. Got it!

Drum up a Contest

Facebook contests are best for both engaging existing fans and reinforcing a new fan base. You can keep up little awards to chill your fan base.

It works super well as your fans are likely to return for seeing the results and for more contests from you.

Offer Special Rewards

This is an out-of-the ordinary deal that you can offer your fans and win their further interest on your Fan Page. The rewards are sure to win just anyone’s notice. So, don’t forget this tip.

Place Frequent Posts

How about endorsing posts on your Fan Page?

Endorsed posts acquire a bigger fan following for you. That’s why if you decide to promote them on your Fan Page than on your personal page, you are going to get more push.

For example, you can share posts on your Fan Page like that of your company CEO’s interview, any article, video coverage of your company product, etc. This is how endorsed posts work. They bring you more Likes and give analytic access to that particular post.

Endorse Other Pages Too

Here we are because we don’t want to be mean. That’s what I meant. It is always better if you can speak for others by endorsing them.

You can choose the option of Like a page that belongs to others. Show others pages on your Fan Page which will help in self-directing all together new fans to you. Isn’t it a win-win point? Be good to others and others are good to you.

News Feed

News Feeds enlist updates on your Facebook page, from your friends or may be those who are in your friends’ list. So, if you keep your Fan Page regularly updated, you are showing up on the News Feeds of your fans.

Say Thanks

It’s just a simple yet an effective way to acknowledge your fan following. They like it on being recognized and will keep engaged with you in future.

Summing Up

After reading through the above points, you may be now finding it a lot easier to keep a track on your Fan Page. You can now convince people and fetch their regular Likes and engagement. All it takes is your little creative and consistent involvement. All the best!

Author:Stephen Moyers     Stephen Moyers on the Web Stephen Moyers on Facebook Stephen Moyers on Twitter Stephen Moyers on LinkedIn  Stephen Moyers on Pinterest Stephen Moyers RSS Feed

Stephen Moyers is an active tech-savvy blogger who loves to write about Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and various technology topics. He is currently associated with SPINX Digital, A Los Angeles based Digital Marketing Agency which provides a range of services like Social Media Marketing, Website Design &… View full profile

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