How to Monetize Your Following PLUS win a free online store

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Artist Corner, Marketing Tips, Social Media Tips
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Wondering how to take advantage of you fan base but stuck on where to begin? 


In this article;

– Easy way to sell band merchandise straight from you Facebook page.

– 3 lucky bands will win a fully set up online store.


Imagine the opportunity to offer your online followers the chance to buy band merch right from your Facebook page.  Galloree offers just that.

There are no minimum order quantities or ridiculous price minimums.  Types of merchandise offered ranges from Tee’s to Hoodies to Skateboards.

The shops are free and take minutes to set up.  You upload your logo/design/song lyrics, whatever and tell your fans about it.  Its pretty simple.


To check out more go to:


To see the options for merch go here:


Now, to win your own fully set up store that integrates straight into your Facebook band page, simply tell us in the comments what you will do with the extra cash that selling your merch will bring in as well as the link to your FB band page….its that simple… Three winners


Any questions contact


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