Launches Free Digital Solution for Songwriters to Manage Split Sheets and Copyrights

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Artist Corner, Marketing Tips, Social Media Tips
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NY, NY—Today, SongSplits Solutions LLC announced the launch of SongSplits 2.0, the free digital split sheet solution for songwriters to manage copyrights in real-time. As the world’s first cloud-based split sheet, SongSplits is a simple and universal process for global songwriters to declare and validate their ownership of created works and ease the friction in licensing music. 2.0, the free real-time technology for songwriters manages, verifies, confirms and communicates their song’s ownership declarations online and in print. Additional user features include online music catalog and contact management.

SongSplits’ simple process aids in the reduction of delayed and/or forfeited royalties by songwriters and music publishers due to their inability to confirm and/or demonstrate ownership interest in songs. As global copyright laws and revisions are being considered, the use of the Company’s technology can minimize orphaned works and copyright disputes as copyright data is digitally managed by the creator.

SongSplits is becoming the most important step after the creation of creative work. Once registered, writers identify each other as collaborators in a song, each co-writer is notified instantly and provided the opportunity to confirm, update or dispute his/her songwriter interests.

Confirmed splits are routed to managers, publishers, attorneys and performance rights societies. Disputes are transparent among writers to allow them to find agreeable terms. All verified splits are available in real-time to subscribed parties via the SongSplits dashboard.

“Our goal is for users to embrace the benefits of free technology to manage their accurate copyright ownership information. In addition to working with many of the world’s top #songwriters, producers and their teams, we’re increasing productivity for multiple music business sectors by providing efficient copyright data processes for challenges in this new digital age”, commented Nobles.

For more information about SongSplits copyright management digital solution or visit SongSplits at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

SongSplits LLC, a privately-held company was founded in 2011 in New York City as a technology-enabled solution to reduce the time, cost and the margin of error of managing #copyright information on an individual basis for all stakeholders through and provides a uniform data structure for the music industry to rely upon.



SongSplits Solutions LLC
Suzanne Burge-Taylor


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