How To Build a Dedicated Fan Base and Sell More Tickets Using Online Engagement

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A recent study among 15,000 marketers in the US and Europe showed that marketers achieve positive results by applying online engagement as part of their marketing strategy. One of the main drivers for adopting online engagement is, next to increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn rates, improving conversion ratios.
One great example of a customer improving its conversion ratios thanks to implementing online engagement, is the Dutch soccer club PSV. Founded a century ago by electronics giant Philips, PSV expanded into a successful and internationally renowned soccer club. PSV discovered that its fans, depending on their level of involvement with the club, have very different needs for online communication and (e-commerce) offerings. A highly involved fan might enjoy reading detailed news updates and taking part in specialized fan-travel arrangements to visit matches played abroad. On the other hand, fans who are only loosely involved with the club might be more interested in general news updates and only purchase the occasional goodie in the online fan store.

Fan Score
Realizing that every fan is different, PSV decided to serve its fans engaging content on an individual basis. Using GX Software’s BlueConic, PSV created a sophisticated Fan Scorethat reflected a visitor’s level of ‘fan-ness’. Based on the fan’s content consumption, click behavior and purchase history, PSV could now very accurately determine the involvement of an individual visitor with the club.In a first use case, PSV employed this Fan Score to offer Euro League tickets to fans with moderate-to-high Fan Scores in a dedicated cross-channel campaign. The underlying idea was twofold. Firstly, it would retain loyal fans and offer them a premium seat at the Euro League. Secondly, it would drive moderately involved fans to take the next stride and let them experience a major match, witnessing their favorite team at its very best. This would contribute to turning moderate fans into loyal fans.

Conversion ratio of 6%
PSV created channel-specific campaign content like an editorial, a homepage takeover and a banner to interact with potentially interested visitors, aimed at offering them Euro League tickets. In real time, BlueConic displayed the right message to the right visitor at the right channel, based on this person’s individual Fan Score. This clearly hit the nail on the head: by differentiating their audience using the Fan Score, conversion ratios soared to an impressive 6%, well above the industry average.

Abandoned baskets
Besides a major uplift in conversions, BlueConic also solved the problem of unfinished ticket bookings – the so-called abandoned basket. BlueConic was configured in such a way that in case a visitor did not fully complete the ticket booking process, it could retarget this visitor back into the right step of the booking process at his next visit.

The first BlueConic-driven engagement campaign was put live on in an astonishing timeframe of just a few days. This included the set-up of fan scoring, the dynamic fan segmentation and the creation of specific engagement content.

If you want to read more about this BlueConic customer story, please download the PSV case study.

The Author

Ruud Verstraeten ― Product Marketer at GX Software. Ruud started in online marketing consultancy and has worked in both Europe and the United States, helping company achieve their business goals via customer-centric online marketing.

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