recording-studio-tipsOne of the most common issues I hear bands talk about all the time are centered around booking some recording studio time. Unfortunately musicians have never been known to be great managers of time. Hence out of all the music recording studio tips I could give, time management would probably be the highest on the list.

Have you ever heard of a building being finished on time or a band that finishes their studio sessions ahead of schedule? It never happens.

It’s a simple fact that without proper time management and preparation your nice little expedition to the recording studio is going to cost you much more than you think.


Do not book your next studio session or spend another dime without reading the rest of this article and act upon some of these simple but effective and money saving recording studio tips – it could literally save you thousands.

The reality of recording music in any studio, however well you plan your time ahead is always generally going to blow out.


Very simply – that’s life! You know the famous saying sh-t happens!

It’s always going to take an extra half an hour here and there to get a particular part right. Sometimes it might take an extra 2hours just to get a mic sequence right or to get the sound mix right. But you can almost guarantee yourself that whatever happens there will always be some sort of delay.

From my own recording experience both as a musician and manager, I have learned a secret rule and trick that will put you in good stead for minimizing the extra time spent in recording studios, because as sexy and glamorous as they might make you feel, they are not cheap places to muck around in.

This simple recording studio tip is to really prepare as much as you can before you even step inside the recording studio door.

Next time, before you consider booking studio time, ask yourself the following questions

1.    Do I really know what I’m recording and the arrangements of each track?

2.    Do I have a clear idea of the sound set up and how I want each instrument to sound – you must avoid the Blockbuster Recording Studio Syndrome at all costs – it will hammer your budget.

3.    Do all the band mates and session musicians know what times they need to be called for?

4.    Does everyone know their part and what is expected of them? Obviously a band will rehearse together but it’s so important to brief session musicians before they come along.

5.    Did you visit the studio a week or two before the booking to view the equipment and set up? Not knowing what you’re walking into means you’ll be learning on the job – a massive money and time waster

6.    Are you clear on the overall objectives of the session? You can’t do everything in small blocks, so you must know what the real goals and objective really are.

7.    Have you written out on a piece of paper a running time of what you’d like to get done and does it all seem realistic? You also need to allow for set up and dead time where random things happen that are out of your control

These are just some of the main things you should really be considering whenever you pick up the phone to book their next recording session.

Bottom line – you really need to have your act together in terms of knowing exactly what you want because sometimes entering a recording studio can be a little like paying for a lawyer – the longer your there the more you’re going to pay. These recording studio tips will save you thousands

Do as much leg work from your home or rehearsal space as possible. Really prepare and psyche yourselves up for it. Prepare yourselves mentally and don’t get carried away in the ill fated world of time wasting.

At some stage we will look at more recording studio tips that will help save your band money, but these tips above for now should give you enough fuel to manage your next recording session.

Again – a simple task but guaranteed to save you time and most of all money.


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