Record Labels are Looking for this

  1.  Start booking shows locally. You want to play 1-2 shows a month in the very beginning until you’ve built up a steady, local following. Once this has been achieved increase your shows locally so that ideally you are playing weekly and then branch out into more regional shows.
  2. Market your shows using social media. Use Twitter, Facebook, Artistir, Reverbnation,, Songkick, or Myspace to announce shows, release snippets of your demo and keep in touch with new fans.
  3. Perform at local music stores. Go where your audience is! If people may not come out to see you specifically, bring your music to a space where it can’t be ignored like a local music store. Play with other bands and have everyone bring all their friends. This is often the most effective way to develop a following initially.
  4. Start looking for an experienced manager. An experienced manager will probably not be your best friend, adviser or musical coach, more likely they will be  someone who understands the ins and outs of the industry. This person may also be able to help you book gigs and secure an entertainment attorney when the time comes.

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