You’ve booked your tour, you’ve practiced your songs, you’ve packed the van, but you’re feeling like something’s missing. How can you get more people to come out to your shows? With gross ticket revenue up nearly 30% worldwide and touring having eclipsed record sales as the main source of artist income, Bandsintown’s Artist Platform has become an indispensable promotional tool for alerting fans when you’re on tour.

Over 10 million concert-goers use Bandsintown to discover shows, buy tickets and share tour dates with their friends. It automatically generates alerts for your fans through email, mobile notifications and Facebook notifications, and if you use Auto Promote or Twitter Sync, Bandsintown delivers alerts to your fans there too. Today Bandsintown powers the tour dates for over 215,000 touring artists, ensuring their fans never miss another live show.

Bandsintown provides a wide range of tools that artists can utilize to engage with existing fans and reach new concert-goers, so it’s understandable you may not know all of the ins and outs of the platform. This post highlights four things you can do right now – for free – to get the most out of Bandsintown for your band.

1. Add Tour Dates To Bandsintown

There’s no reason your tour information shouldn’t reach as many fans as possible, and through Bandsintown, your fans will find and share it. As soon as your tour dates are confirmed, add them to Bandsintown. You can easily do this by adding the Bandsintown Artist Platform app on Facebook and adding all of your tour dates using the unique template Bandsintown offers.

2. Sync Your Shows Across The Web

Bandsintown will sync all of your tour dates across the web – on Google Search or YouTube for instance. Be sure to add the Bandsintown widget to your website or blog to automatically index your tour dates across the web. Adding Bandsintown links to your YouTube videos and descriptions can’t hurt either.

3. Tell Your Fans To Track You On Bandsintown

With the number of concert-goers using Bandsintown rapidly increasing by the day, there’s no argument that a great deal of your current fans are already using the app. However, many of them may not have Tracked you on Bandsintown.

Building Trackers is a great way to connect with ALL of your fans, not just a certain percentage. Think of Trackers like an extension of your mailing list. Every time you have a new a show in their area, your Trackers will be notified. It’s important you let fans know how to never miss your shows!

Invite your fans to Track you by posting Bandsintown Track links to all of your social networks. Want to know how many Trackers you have already? Justvisit:

4. Share With Your Fans

Your fans want to hear from you all the time, and Bandsintown is there to help. Your artist profile enables you to connect with fans by sharing tour info – and live videos and photos from your tour. Not only is this a rad addition for everyone out there who loves your music and live shows, but it will help drive RSVPs and ticket sales for upcoming shows. And having more money in your pocket is always a GOOD thing!

Happy bands, happy fans. That’s what Bandsintown is all about. Questions? Send them to us at


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