If you’re like me, you’re probably sending out email after email to venues, radio stations, and blogs, in the hopes of booking a show or getting your music reviewed.  It can quickly become very old!

But as someone who also wears the editor hat (while writing and maintaining this blog), I get alot of emails from musicians…and some of these emails are just terrible. Sorry, no two ways around it. So this post will offer some tips on how to write a bad pitch…just in case you were wondering.


Yesterday I received an email that started with “Can you advertise our event on your blog?” The email failed to start with a “Dear Editor” or “To Whom It May Concern” or any of the million other salutation.  When an email sender fails to acknowledge their recipient, it proves they don’t care. It also proves that they are likely sending the same email out to 20 other email addresses. It’s hugely impersonal and thoughtless.


I can’t tell you how many emails we receive from musicians asking us to review their album or promote their upcoming tour or event. Those emails are immediately deleted. Occasionally I’ll respond and say: “Our guidelines specifically say that we do not do this. We are a music marketing blog. We teach people how to market their music. We don’t market it for them.”

The best thing you can do before ever trying to land a radio interview or blog review is read the publication’s submission guidelines. Most established editorials, stations, and blogs have these.  If they do not have guidelines, call them – not to pitch yourself, but to ask for their “procedures”. Do your research.


Editors, radio hosts, and venues (especially) can get hundreds of emails each day. Sending a long email is the worst thing you can do for your chances. Make sure your email is brief and to the point. Include only necessary information (with links) and get to the point!  See: “BOOKING: WRITING THE PERFECT EMAIL PITCH


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