Tour support is financial support for a touring band. It can be used to cover P.D.s, travel, accommodation, equipment and vehicle rental and whatever other expenses come up during a tour. Usually when tour support is offered, it is paid by the record label, although sometimes tour support can come through corporate sponsor who are promoting the tour.

Touring is EXTREMELY expensive, but tour support can be hard to come by, especially in indie music. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Indie labels may not have enough money to foot the bill
  • The returns on tour support are not guaranteed, especially on tours that are essentially promotional tours designed to help a band build a fan base – the tour may help the band find an audience, but it may not directly translate into enough record sales to offset the investment.

Fully supported tours are the forte of some larger indie labels and the majors. Sometimes, however, a smaller indie label may be willing to pitch in with a little bit of help during a tour, even if they are unable to offer full tour support. Find out more about touring here:


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