Chicago’s Own Dj Malone has been taking the world by storm with his newsong, “Derriere.”

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Artist Corner
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974410_752313181507596_1274045852_nNow collaborating with Houston’s own Just Brittany, who is known for singles with Mo City Don (Z-Ro) and being the Crush Remix Ft with Beat king!.

The “Derriere” Remix came about while DJ Malone was looking for the right fit. He searched for the right person and decided on Just Brittany, who he says: “…[B]rings a flame to the song.” Dj Malone is showcasing various skills on this project by not only writing lyrics for the track, but also producing the beat, shooting a portion of the video, and performing digital editing. The video was shot in Houston, Texas and it took about 15 days to capture all of the footage. However, when it was all said and done, he had a beast of a track on his hands and the right visual elements to complement it. Coming off the heels of his last hit song “Da Wurkout,” DJ Malone again chose video choreography by It’s Showtime, a Houston Dance group. The dance moves, together with the beat on “Derriere” will have you out of your seat! As an additional nod to the Houston music scene, the video showcases young and upcoming talent in the area, including “FOE,” a rap group that DJ Malone has been supporting for years, Ms.

Piggy, DJ Willie T and Lil Black. The video also features Houston’s own sexy plus size model, Astasia Miguel and DJ Ray Young, a well-respected, name in Houston. We are now promoting the video, which has been posted to blogs including www.view, beat100 and others. This new joint will have you shaking your “Derriere.” When asked how he came up with the concept for the song, DJ Malone noted that he is tired of people saying: “Shake your azz, and shake your booty.” Derriere is a word everyone can say, and in some sense, could upgrade your vocabulary as well.

Check out the video on youtube, DJ Malone Ft. Just Brittany, “Derriere” Remix. Be sure to request the track at your local radio stations and clubs!

Twitter @djmalonepro

Twitter @justbrittany

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